Developing cohesive teams and engaged employees

“You did an excellent job of presenting the information, engaging our group and helping us engage one another. I've been hearing very positive feedback from the team and, for me, the experience definitely exceeded my expectations.”


All workshops and coaching are available in person or via Zoom. See my services page for ideas of how to support your team--or yourself--during this challenging time.

Baxt Consulting delivers personalized professional development workshops to improve team effectiveness and engagement. When you give individuals and groups new tools to communicate effectively, discover value, and defuse conflicts, they can better collaborate to achieve critical goals and share a renewed commitment to the mission.

How do we get there? That depends on the organization, the group, the people. Every organization has a unique cultural DNA, and we work together to identify it and help your people connect it to their role.

We learn about your needs and customize the strategy, incorporating retreats, professional development days, personalized workshops and/or other approaches. Your program will be engaging and productive, helping your team smooth out the rough edges that may be holding them back. Success is measured in improved team dynamics, renewed focus, and increased employee satisfaction—so your team can tackle the tasks at hand.

With a more energized team, you can spend less time managing and more time leading.