You need a team-building activity, a retreat, a day to step back and let the group reconnect. Or perhaps you have a specific learning opportunity that needs to be addressed. We work with you to develop the strategy that best fits your organization’s needs and culture. We make each training fun and meaningful—and we incorporate action steps so your employees can continue to apply what they have learned.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Personality Preference Workshops

Team-building, leadership development, self-awareness, conflict management, change management—The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), one of the world’s most popular personality tools, provides an accessible language and structure to approach these topics.


Sometimes, a team has excellent employees but doesn’t quite gel. Other times, groups get bogged down in interpersonal conflict. Groups and individuals simply don’t understand where their counterparts are coming from, making it difficult to mesh. Transform these siloed employees into a team, and these unproductive conflicts into useful discussions. The MBTI® facilitates self-awareness and provides positive opportunities to identify individual differences and to value the strengths in a diverse team. These trainings teach employees a common language and provide a space to discuss, understand, and ultimately value differences, so they can refocus on working together to achieve the team’s goals.


MBTI topics can include: introduction to personality type, team-building, communication, conflict management, change management, emotional intelligence, and leadership development. These topics can be presented as a single, half or full-day workshop, or as an ongoing series to improve your team’s ability to apply what they have learned.

Gallup CliftonStrengths Workshops and Coaching

By identifying the ways people excel, strengths-based development helps employees and managers maximize their contributions. The online CliftonStrengths assessment measures 34 talent themes and identifies each person’s top five strengths. Workshops help teams understand and appreciate each member’s contributions and how to apply this knowledge to increase effectiveness. Coaching packages help managers and employees get the most from their strengths, providing lasting improvement. 


Gallup research has shown that employees who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged at work. Harness the power of strengths-based development to improve your team’s performance.


CliftonStrengths topics can include: introduction to strengths-based development, team cohesiveness, team development, communication, and effective management, and can be presented as single, half or full-day workshops, as an ongoing series, or in conjunction with individual coaching.

New College Hires: Leadership Development, Management Trainee and Internship Programs

You’ve brought in amazing, talented people who are excited to start their careers with your organization. The next step is finding creative ways to increase their engagement with your organization and accelerate their journey from new hire to effective employee.


These personalized workshops are grounded in the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) Career Readiness Competencies. We understand the challenges recent graduates face as they transition from college to career, and we design these workshops to help facilitate those transitions. This approach gives managers the freedom to help employees master their new roles. Millennial and Gen Z employees value ongoing learning and professional development – invest in your new team members and reap the benefits of an engaged, educated workforce.


New College Hire workshop topics include: workplace communication, giving and receiving feedback, managing conflicts, teamwork, emotional intelligence, connecting to the mission, and learning organizational culture, etiquette, and expectations. Other topics can be developed to fit your organization’s particular needs.

to Mission and Other Custom Programs

Do your employees know your organization’s mission, and do they understand how their daily work contributes to it? Help your team re-engage with the values that led them to join your organization. Explore how your company’s mission resonates with each employee and team, and how their daily work advances the mission. The happiest and most successful employees find meaning in their work beyond salary and benefits.

Contact us to discuss your team’s unique goals.  We can design a custom workshop, or series of workshops, that target your organization’s pain points and opportunities.

How We Work Together

It starts with a conversation. We discuss your goals, and how we can design the ideal program to meet your team’s unique needs. We work collaboratively with your people to identify the best path forward. Often, team members complete a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment to provide data for further discussion.


We then design and facilitate a half- or full-day session, incorporating lectures, small group discussions, reflective writing, interactive activities, and goal-setting. Each participant returns to work with a better understanding of who they are and how they can better contribute to the team. They are equipped with additional materials and specific action steps to implement their new knowledge.


After the session, your team has options for additional group coaching sessions, either on-site or by teleconference, to reinforce the original workshop. You can also arrange for individual coaching to further support managers and team members.